Where Brunonians in L.A. Connect

The Brown Club of LA is committed to coordinating various alumni engagement initiatives and groups in the Los Angeles area.  We provide support and infrastructure for the following groups:

  • Brown University Entertainment Group – A unique networking platform for Brown alumni in the Entertainment industry
  • Brown Writers Group – Monthly meetings for screenwriters to share and edit each others work
  • Local Alumni Affinity Groups: 
    • Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance (A4)
    • Brown University Latino Alumni Council (BULAC)
    • Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC)
    • Brown University Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alumni (Brown TBGALA)
  • Brown Women of LA – A women’s group with over 40 years of history
  • Brown Startup/Technology Launchpad
  • Inter-Ivy Alumni Group – Organizes events open to multiple alumni group